17 weeks and top surgery.

Tomorrow I leave for Raleigh.  Tomorrow is 17 weeks on T.  I’m meeting with the top surgeon for the first time to see how much surgery will cost, and I’m excited.  I’m excited, even though I probably can’t move forward for a while.  I have to do my shot tonight since I will be gone all day tomorrow.  But I’m excited for doing my shot.  I have to finish all my homework by midnight, and I have 4 assignments left, but that’s what I’m going to be working on.

So, we’ll see what happens.  But I was thinking today about hatred.  I also have a tumblr, and last November, someone was sending me a bunch of anonymous hate for being trans* and being too obsessed with Harry Potter, and the like.  Anyway, at the time I was obviously upset about it.  But I had friends stand up for me, and I just put on my sassy pants and dealt with it.  But the thing is, now, I’m pretty far removed from it. I’m used to getting rude things being told to me.  But the thing is, I’ve been learning not to care what anyone thinks. If I like the person I am, that’s good enough.  If my friends think the world of me, then what some stupid grey-faced sunflower says to me doesn’t bother me.

But you hang out with people and you find people that treat you like the human being that you are, and you start to feel pretty awesome.  Also, latest video is up.  There’s a link to it, and the tumblr for FTMs I run, on the main page of my blog.  So check it out.  Stay safe.  And I’ll update again after my appointment.


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