New Things.

I’m currently staying in Georgia near Atlanta. I haven’t written in months and things got a little crazy. Long story short, I’m sitting in the guest bedroom of my future mother in law’s house. We just made dinner. Jo and I left Minneapolis on Saturday night after I got off work and drove 18 hours to the house he grew up in. We are spending a week here. I am in love with Georgia. The people here are so nice and accepting and my future in-laws are amazing people.

I met Jo three years ago when I was living in North Carolina. He moved to Minneapolis in August. We got engaged at the end of September. We plan on getting married when I graduate, which will be December or May of next year. Then we plan on moving back to Georgia to be closer to family.

I did not go home for the holidays. I have not talked to most of my family in months. My mom calls occasionally and I talked to my older sister on Christmas.

I’ve met a bunch of Jo’s friends. Life is nice here. We wake up and drink sweet tea and sit and talk and his Mom made us breakfast. I’ve been sleeping like the dead and it is super refreshing. We’ve been hanging out with his friends and he’s been showing me where he grew up. I found a Starbucks that I can transfer to and a university I can go to for grad school.

Our best friend and I started a charity for trans people. We are collecting things for people like binders and clothes. Jo’s mom is helping me write up requests for grants. We are moving forward with things. I’ve never once been uncomfortable by anyone here. His family loves me and accepts me and it is so nice to be able to be here. I’m happy.