Well, my name is Blake.  I’m a 22 year old trans* guy living in North Carolina.  I’m a full time college student.  I identify as male, and those are the pronouns for you to use.  I won’t say those are my preferred gender pronouns, those are my pronouns.  I also am a member of the bi community, meaning that I’m attracted to people, regardless of their gender identity.

I created this blog to talk about my transition, and issues I face.  I also created it because I want to educate people on what being trans* is for me.  Please note: my experiences are mine, they are not that of the entire FTM community.  Just as my experiences aren’t that of everyone of the bi community.

Rude people will be asked to leave.  If you post hate, I’ll delete it.  It’s a safe place.

That being said, play nice in the gender box.

I came out as bi in September of 2005.  I was almost 15.  I also came out as trans* on 19 February, 2012.  I was 21.

Some things about me besides my gender/sexual orientation, because there is more to me than being in the LGBT community.

I’m a full time college student.  I’m studying English and hopefully transferring to study English and Gender Studies.  I am hoping to write books for queer people once I graduate, and also to do a bunch of activism for the LGBT community.  I also would be interested in working for the Trevor Project once I’m done with school, or some organization like it.

I spell a lot of things the British way.  I am going to get to England some day.  It’s not possible for me at this moment, and probably not for a few years, but some day I will.

I have a cat named Lily.  She is my child. I have had her for 8 years.

I played rugby.  I’m trying to start playing again.  I have also done the following sports:  swimming, diving, cheerleading, dance, and karate.  I like to stay active.

I also used to perform in drag.  I miss it dearly, and I want to get involved again.  I have performed both as a king and a queen.  I don’t really have a preference on what gender I like performing as.  That being said, the only time I’m really comfortable dressing in feminine clothes is when I am in drag.

I love learning.  I am horrible at math and science, but I love learning.  I am a literary enthusiast for life.

I’m a writer.  I have had a few things published, and I’m a guest writer for In Our Words, a queer magazine based in Chicago.  I have also appeared on Reddit for an essay I wrote on transphobia.  I’m currently working on two novels, and I’ve also had a few poems published.  My writing blog can be found here. I’m also the creator of the blog ftm-problems.

As you can see, I’m a very busy boy.  I also document my transition through videos that can be found here.


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