She’s Thunderstorms.

I start writing for the Hamline newspaper tomorrow and I get my first assignment tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m an A and E reporter, which means I write human interest articles and I basically just go around campus and interview students at events and write about them.  I had to write articles and publish them for my journalism class, but I also get paid for each article, so I’m looking forward to it.

I officially changed my major for the last time.  I’ve never had the opportunity to take an actual creative writing course in a program, and I’ve realized that creative writing is something I do for me, and not for the masses.  I write poems to make sense out of my life, and to write about my gender issues, and basically it’s not something I want others to read or workshop, unless I’m comfortable with it.  The exception is this blog, or essays I write, or the poems I do for slam poetry, because I’ve written them specifically to be read out loud.

I’m doing English, which I’ve been doing for the last 3 years, and I’m going to get my teaching license with it.  I was told I had to pick between writing and english, and I did both classes this term, and I’m passionate about writing for myself, reading books, and teaching others why the books are important.  I’ve thought about this for years, and I feel really good about it.  I talked to my advisor on Monday about it before I made the switch, and she told me it was a good decision.

I haven’t told my Dad about it, but given that he freaked the heck out at me for putting myself in the poetry track verses the fiction writing track, it’s not a conversation I plan on having any time soon.  I did tell my Mom about it, and she said she wasn’t surprised.  It’s what she wanted me to do when I was in St. Cloud.

Next week I’m helping with Coming Out Week and we have a vigil on campus on Sunday night.  I’m also waiting to hear if I’ll be going to a conference for all of the private schools in the metro.  It’s a conference on being an LGBT student and how to combat issues that we face as students and also learning about leadership.  The conference is on the 18th.

Midterms are in 2 weeks.  I have conferences next week in my poetry and creative writing class.  They are with the same professor.  I was kind of surprised that we have conferences, but my sister keeps telling me that it’s normal at private schools.

I’ve also started making friends scarves and they are donating to my surgery fund to get a scarf.  I’ve been stress knitting scarves this past week.  I knit 2 of them, and both are about 7 feet tall.

I also had to get stuff for winter because I haven’t had to in 3 years and my old snow clothes no longer fit.  I gained 3 shoe sizes since I started T a year and a half ago, and even though I’ve lost 30 pounds, I gained in muscle, specifically in my shoulders, so my old winter jacket no longer fits.

Other than that, nothing to update. I’m still trying to find a hormone doctor here.  Most clinics are backed up for months, but I still have 3 months of T saved from my old doctor.